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Community Action Agency Home RehabilitationHome Rehabilitation

This program provides home improvements which meet Michigan State Housing Development Authority's (MSHDA) Housing Quality Standards (HQS) for issues related to roofing, furnace and plumbing as well as many others.

CAA provides home inspections and acts as fiduciary agent (trustee). Home Rehabilitation consists of a loan which must be repaid, however, there is no interest on the loan and it can be deferred until the sale of the home or until refinancing.

CAA also offers Emergency Repairs which are those immediate repairs considered to be necessary to prevent a threat to health or safety.


Recipients must be residents of Ottawa County. Homes located in the City of Holland are not eligible for this program but may be eligible for the City of Holland's Home Repair Program, (616) 355-3133.

If your home is purchased through a Land Contract, you and the Land Contract holder must agree to the repairs. Your home must have a home-owners insurance policy.

Manufactured homes are eligible only if they are attached to a permanent foundation. Rental units are not eligible. You must provide all documentation required by Community Action Agency which includes the deed to the house, homeowners insurance, tax returns, and bank statements. See a CAA specialist for a complete list when applying.

Home Rehabilitation Program - Income Guidelines
Family Size 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8
40% 20,440 23,360 26,280 29,160 31,520 33,840 36,160 38,520
50% 25,550 29,200 32,850 36,450 39,400 42,300 45,200 48,150
60% 30,660 35,040 39,420 43,740 47,280 50,760 54,240 57,780
70% 35,770 40,880 45,990 51,030 55,160 59,220 63,280 67,410
80% 40,850 46,650 52,500 58,300 63,000 67,680 72,300 77,000

Who Qualifies

Families living in occupied single-family homes whose combined annual income does not exceed the income figure in the chart above. These income limits change annually. These numbers apply to 2017 only but provide a general guideline.

How Do I Qualify?

Recipients must have house payments and property taxes paid up to date. See CAA for an application.