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This is a free program for those individuals or families who qualify. Those who qualify will have a home inspection provided by OCCAA at which time the necessary weatherization tasks will be determined. Afterwards the qualified family will be connected with a licensed weatherization contractor who will perform the home weatherization. 

Weatherization tasks include but are not limited to: attic insulation, wall insulation, floor insulation, weatherstripping, window caulking, other minor home repairs.

Homes will feel more comfortable and help keep your family healthy. Improved weatherization will help recipients keep cool during the summer and warm in the winter and reduce air leaks. It can also help reduce heating fuel bills.

Apply for Services

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Who Qualifies?

To qualify for this assistance a family’s home may not have been weatherized by the use of this program since Sept. 30, 1994. The family must apply in person at CAA and be income-eligible. Homeowners and renters both qualify if they are not living in an apartment complex or ineligible property.

Property that is ineligible includes homes which have received Weatherization assistance in the past. Income limits change annually. Please call (616) 393-5606 with any questions about the program.

Weatherization - 2017 Income Guidelines
Family Size Three Month Income
1 $6,030
2 $8,120
3 $10,210
4 $12,300
5 $14,390
6 $16,480
7 $18,570
8 $20,660

What to Bring With You:

  1. Proof of income for all working adults in the residence, for the past 3 months (most recent pay stub from employment with year to date information, benefit letter, etc.)

  2. Proof of household size (social security cards or birth certificates from everyone in the household)

  3. Photo ID of applicant

  4. Proof of home ownership (warranty deed, quit claim deed or title, or lease and landlord packet filled out for renters)

  5. Gas/heat bill with account number

  6. Electric bill with account number