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Question: Our organization needs a few new people but don’t have a big budget. How can we offset some costs for a new hire?

Answer: Previously we discussed attracting top talent. Depending on the position, that talent can be hard to come by. 

A couple of ideas involve training and cost-reimbursement. Sometimes you can objectively revisit the expectations and requirements you have for that particular position. What can you agree to live without, and what must you keep relative to the skill set of the new hire? No one is suggesting that an employer settle for a lesser-skilled employee. No one wants that.

Here’s an example. You may be looking for a new hire with 5 requirements and are offering a salary of $45K per year. But you are having problems finding someone who is an exact match to your criteria. Consider revisiting those 5 requirements to see which ones you can reasonably train a new hire to achieve.

Consider a good candidate who meets 3 or 4 of your 5 requirements. Negotiate a salary in the $40K range based on those requirements. You can take the extra $5K and invest it towards your new-hire’s training on the remaining criteria.

This activity achieves several goals: it widens the talent pool and allows your organization to train and develop employees to an exact skill set. It also embraces the new hire in your organization’s culture and practices, and you look like a hero for engaging a new employee. That provides great buzz, and that is real talent attraction.

Another method of offsetting some costs of training, and easing a new hire into your organization is an on-the-job training program.

An on-the-job training program taps into available grants to reimburse costs associated with training. The purpose is to help recoup the costs incurred for the time for training and loss of production.

An on-the-job training plan can be developed for anyone regardless of department or skill level as long as the training meets certain guidelines.

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