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Employment Expertise – Onboarding Is Part Of Talent Attraction

Question: My new hires are not working out, and my turnover is increasing. What should I look at to turn that around?

Answer: Maybe you would revisit your onboarding process.  Your process for onboarding a new hire should be more than a Powerpoint presentation.

Ninety days is the amount of time most new hires have to lay the foundation for success in their new companies. And according to many psychologists and neuroscientists, it’s also the number of days it takes to make a new habit a way of being.
Onboarding is the process of getting new employees integrated into your company. That means assimilating them into the company culture, competent in their roles and helping them consistently deliver the results you expect of them. Your onboarding process should be more than a one-day orientation or even a week-long employee training program.
A successful onboarding process requires the support of everyone who has a stake in new hire success. This includes hiring managers, HR, training, and a direct supervisor. It takes time and should be ongoing. In order to inspire the performance you want from your new employees, you have to invest time and energy in bringing them on board and welcoming them into your workplace family.

Sit down with the stakeholders to see if there are ways to improve your onboarding process. If you need assistance you can always call the Business Services Unit of Ottawa County Michigan Works! As certified Business Solutions Professionals they can help your company in a variety of areas, including the onboarding process.

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