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Question:  Our company has multiple openings. How do we know which recruitment strategy is best for us?
There is no magic bullet for recruitment. We wish there were. The answer varies on the position(s) and company. A place to start is understanding the options and experiment to see what works best for your company.

One strategy includes a simple job posting.  This method has three options: internal, external and a combination. We typically advise companies to promote the position externally to the general public. It increases the applicant pool and lessens the likelihood of a discrimination claim.

Posting internally offers an interesting option: a referral program. Your employees can be the best ambassadors. They know what it’s like to work for your company and more importantly why they like working for you. A referral bonus can increase the number of qualified applicants you receive. It can be as simple as offering a $50 gift card to an employee who refers a new hire.
Another option is a job fair or participation in a larger career event. They’re labor intensive, but appeal to a wider audience. Meeting applicants face-to-face also has many benefits. Job fairs are fee-based but a cost-free option is being the Employer Of the Day at Ottawa County Michigan Works.

Also don’t ignore partnerships. “Who you know” is extremely valuable for companies that have hard-to-fill positions. Connecting with your local training institution or educational providers can provide a pipeline of talent with specific skill sets.
The traditional route includes a newspaper ad but most people now look online when job searching. If online posting is still new to you there are cost-free and fee-based resources for this option as well.

A cost-free option is having Business Services at Michigan Works post your job opening on the Michigan Talent Bank, Michigan’s online labor exchange (Michigan’s version of Monster).

Fee-based options include professional recruiters and referral networks who can provide these and other services.
Recruitment includes consistently promoting your company. When you post an opening – through whatever channel you choose - you will have a pool of applicants to pick from.

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