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Employment Expertise – What Information Should I Keep Track Of?

Question: What types of information should I be keeping track of as I search for a job?

Answer: Write down everything! Keep track of usernames and passwords for job search sites. Many employers have specific application sites online that also require usernames and passwords.  Committing detailed information to memory is hard. Make your job search easier by writing down important information. This also includes:

  • Contact information for the person at you are requested to contact – name, title, email address, company name

  • The date you submitted an application or resume

  • Person’s email address to whom you submitted your resume

  • Times of appointments or interviews

  • Notes after an interview: what do you wish you had asked? How did you feel about the interview?

Don’t depend on your memory. A job search is a very detail-oriented task and it can quickly get confusing trying to commit all that information to memory. Make your life as easy as you can when it comes to looking for work.

Something to keep in mind regarding interviews: always bring a pen and some paper. Write down at least five questions you have for the employer. It’s ok to ask questions! That shows you put thought into the interview, that you’ve done some research and that you’re curious. Questions also engage the interviewer and can prompt constructive conversation.

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