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Ottawa County Michigan Works!


Through a simple consultation we can customize a business solution just for your organization.

Think of us as part of your hiring process,
from start to finish.

  • What kinds of employees do you need?
  • Who will write the job description?
  • Who will post the open positions?
  • Who will receive, screen and rate the resumes?

We will.

From tasks as simple as posting open positions, to projects as complex as determining wage reimbursements and tax credits, Ottawa County Michigan Works! can be an integral part of your employee-related workflow.

Our solutions are effective because we listen to our clients and we're experts at what we do.

Business Services

Customizing the Solution, Tailored to Your Needs


Human Resources


Benefits of using our services include:

  • Using OCMW as a drop–off point for job applications.
  • Using OCMW as an interviewing and testing location.
  • Maximizing exposure with free job ads through print, online and radio.
  • Free access to the largest, most comprehensive resume pool in the state.
  • Reviewing only applicants screened according to your expectations.

Staffing Needs

  • Benchmarking job–related skills
  • Researching competitive wages for your area/industry
  • Assist in creating job descriptions
  • Assessment and screening tools
  • Mapping career pathways and talent pipelines

Talent Attraction

  • Posting job orders on the Pure Michigan Talent Connect
  • Distributing employer applications
  • Organizing job fairs
  • Organizing Employer of the Day
  • Advertising job openings

Manage Applicants

  • Employee recruitment
  • Collect applications and resumes on your behalf
  • Pre–screening of resumes based on minimum standards
  • Conducting pre–hire assessments
  • On–site interview rooms for employers
  • Other hiring resources

Training Resources

  • On–the–Job training reimbursement
  • Training support for current or existing workforce
  • Apprenticeship training reimbursement
  • Identifying training providers


  • Business attraction
  • Collaboration with economic developers, trainers, and centers of education
  • New Business and Plant start–up services
  • Track economic and workforce trends
  • Assistance with tax credits
  • Competitive analysis