Ottawa County Michigan Works!

Michigan Works!

Michigan Works! Employer of the WeekHiring Events

The Ottawa County Michigan Works! facility is host to weekly visits by Ottawa County employers who are actively seeking employees. The employers are provided what they need to attract applicants. It's also an event where applicants can ask about the company, the open positions, and fill out applications for the open positions.

Ottawa County Michigan Works! will help to promote Hiring Events and the types and numbers of positions being filled.

Traffic generated by these events range from moderate to very heavy. The OCMW facility as a venue is perfect for that employer looking to fill several positions at once.

Hiring Event Forms

Ottawa County Michigan Works has a process in place to request participation in an upcoming Hiring Event. The process involves completing a form with required information. Much of this information is what an employer already has, but is organized in a way that OCMW can utilize it for job postings, promotion, etc.