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BusinessEQ™ - Local Labor Market Information

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BusinessEQ is an online portal providing an intuitive, visual representation of local and regional labor market information.

This is valuable information which is typically difficult to find. But once it’s in your hands, it can help you make
effective strategic decisions.

Registration is simple and takes less than a minute. Click here to register for free.

Employers of all sizes from nearly every industry ask the same questions related to their local labor market and economies. BusinessEQ provides localized labor–related information which makes finding answers much easier.

Common questions include
• What wages do my competitors pay for the same jobs I’m hiring for?

• In which geographic areas should I be spending my marketing dollars when recruiting new employees?
• Does my current workforce have transferable or alternative skills that I can take advantage of as I expand my organization?

Typically labor market information is difficult to come by, expensive to acquire and confusing to make sense of. Additionally it’s common for information of this type to be several years behind current status. That’s why Ottawa
County Michigan Works! licenses this software from Chmura Economic & Analytics. Chmura taps into twenty–five
different sources of current information to keep BusinessEQ consistently fresh. BusinessEQ is a subscription service which is purchased by and licensed through Ottawa County Michigan Works!

As a convenience to its clients Business Services offers a subscription normally worth $2,000 annually.

Registration is simple and takes less than a minute. Click here to register for free.

BusinessEQ offers a suite of tools with which a user can better mine data to make decisions. Some of the tools BusinessEQ offers allows users to:
• Match skilled workers with the needs of local industries

• Obtain competitive wage information for your open positions and  the industry in general
•  Evaluate shifts in the job market

•  Identify skills gaps to improve education and training for your existing workforce

• Analyze geographic and economic markets for company relocations

To make the best use of BusinessEQ call Business Services at Ottawa County Michigan Works! at (616) 494-3400.
They can walk you through the fine points of the interface and quickly get you up to speed.