Ottawa County Michigan Works!

The Money Stuff

How Ottawa County Michigan Works! is funded.

  • The story begins in Washington, D.C. with the U.S. Congress which appropriates and drives workforce development funding through the Department of Labor (DOL).
  • The DOL releases grant monies to the State of  Michigan in Lansing—specifically to the Workforce Development Agency, State of Michigan (WDASOM).

  • WDASOM directs the monies to Ottawa County, which is the fiduciary agent for Ottawa County Michigan Works! (OCMW).
  • The Ottawa County Workforce Development Board directs the projects and policies that are funded by these federal dollars.
  • Ottawa County Michigan Works! is a government non–profit agency and does not take tax money from Ottawa County. It is not funded by the City of Holland or any other local unit of government. Local taxpayers are not paying directly for services offered by Ottawa County Michigan Works!
  • Each state has its own workforce development system. Michigan Works! is the state of Michigan’s workforce development system. Monies from the DOL flow through each state to these workforce development entities.
  • There are 25 Michigan Works! agencies that operate under the direction of their respective, local workforce development boards.