Ottawa County Michigan Works!

Success Stories

Baumann Tool & Die, Zeeland, MI
"My only question is how I say thank you? It’s a rare thing these days when government programs work so simply, supportively and quickly. I’m not only impressed but am amazed."

The first success story is that the OJT Program works...
OJT candidates are still employed and are successful at their jobs.

Your staff was so professional and helpful and friendly and supportive…
Feel free to pass along my gratitude for such a positive experience!

Couch To Cash Program provides Diamonte Morales a great gig!
It helped me learn how to get a good job and keep the job.

Thanks again for all your help!
I know you put a lot of work in to help me out.

This is exactly what I wanted to do with my degree!
I just was offered the job at Macys as a visual merchandiser!

Management is giving me more responsibility, and a leadership role!
About 2 months ago I transferred from the glass department to the Electronics assembly area, and I love it!

Jeff W. From the February 2012 Ready Now Event
Gets Job At Tiara/Energetx!

Dennis C., A Ready Now Event Participant
Gets Job And Appreciates Ready Now Experience.

Lori Holms found a new job in record time!
She was only laid-off for one week!!

Excellent experience at Ottagan Addictions Recovery presenting Michigan Works and offering hope!

On Friday, I had a great, rewarding experience. I presented Jobseeker 101 to a group of Ladies at Harbor House in Holland. 

Clients come to Ottawa County Michigan Works and feel appreciated and at home!
Please join me in sending many thanks and warm thoughts to Carmen, Jenn, and Judy for making one of our clients feel appreciated, respected, and empowered! (His words, not mine )

Staff at Ottawa County Michigan Works takes time with forms and helped Steven understand.
I went to your Holland branch this a.m. Had a TRA (Trade Readjustment Allowance) assessment waiver through Amelinda, she is the most focused person I have had the pleasure of working with at OCMW.

The pay is above what I thought I'd start at and the benefits start of the first day of work!
Thank you for taking the time to talk to me today so I could tell you the good news about my new job. After 22 months of unemployment...

Break A Leg! Michigan Works Summer Youth Archive Holland Civic Theatre Images While At MacMedia
The Michigan Works Summer Youth Employment Program is a 2009 summer effort through the American Recovery Reinvestment Act to employ qualified youths...

Indispensable - Michigan Works Summer Youth Impresses United Way
Esmeralda Hernandez, 18 of Holland would have been home today sleeping or cleaning the house. Instead she is working at the...

Successes continue for the Michigan Works Summer Youth Employment Program!
Three of the employed youths have received their first...

Michigan Works Places First Summer Youth At Work Site
SUCCESS! The Michigan Works Summer Youth Program has placed...

Thanks for all the Support
I wanted to take a moment to let you know what a good job Susan and Vicki have been doing for me. Both have been...

Michigan Works Alumni Addresses the WDB
"I don't know what I would have done without help from Michigan Works!. When I was financially struggling and didn't have any help they were there for me. They helped ...

I Got A Job Thanks To Your Help
Thanks for all your help! I did get a job at that Chiropractic office I was telling you about. I started this week! I'm currently...

Letter to Channel 8 News
First I would like to thank you for finally putting a positive spin on the unemployment in this State. I love that you are doing this segment with UIA, and talking positive talk about what jobs are out there. Kudos to you!!

Letter to Michigan Works Staff
Dear folks at MI Works, on March 2, 2009 I was let go from my job at a factory where I had worked for 25 years and 1 day. After 25 years of loyal service I was treated like I was an intruder...

Graduates of Welding Boot Camp, March 2009
This group attended a Welding Boot Camp course.