Ottawa County Michigan Works!

Workforce Development Agency - State of Michigan

State of Michigan staff who are Agricultural Employment Specialists from the Migrant, Immigrant, and Seasonal Worker Services Division are housed at the Holland office of Ottawa County Michigan Works! They are a resource for migrant workers who come into the area looking for work in the fields.

The staff of Agricultural Employment Specialists - Migrant, Immigrant and Seasonal Worker Services Division is part of the State of Michigan's Workforce Development Agency.

Agricultural Employment Specialists communicate regularly with the area's farmers, greenhouses, nurseries and fruit growers and keep track of who is hiring, and how many workers a particular grower needs.

The Agricultural Employment Specialists act as a local resource for other necessities such as food and clothing. Migrant workers often come from other parts of the country with simple necessities, needing to find food and clothing on short notice.

If you are a migrant worker who needs to find work in Ottawa County, Michigan, call (616) 494-8821.

For more information you can visit the Michigan Agriculture site.

For more information call Ruben Santellan at (616) 494-8855 or Isaac Lopez at (616) 494-8821.