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Michigan Works receives state and federal funding for Ottawa County's youth population, ages 14 - 21 who are unemployed or are in need of job-related training. The program is designed to help those who are in school and those who are out of school.

In order to participate candidates must meet the low-income guidelines outlined below.

Participants who are enrolled in the Youth Program are assisted in the following areas:

• Resume development • Application skills • Job leads
• Career counseling • Barrier resolution • Interview skills
• Basic skills training • On-the-job training • Paid work experience
• Vocational training • Leadership skills  

In-School Youth

One-on-one interaction takes place between our staff and high school students to focus on high school completion, exploring the world of work, investigating careers through work experience, and job shadowing. Juniors and Seniors in high school who are involved in the WIA Youth Program are eligible for work preparation services which include:

  • Group activities
  • Individualized tutoring and/or personal mentor

Involvement in these services is determined by a case manager who will assess the needs of each student.

If you are a student from K - 12 you can visit the Michigan Occupational Information System site or the Michigan Virtual School web site. Michigan Virtual School™ (MVS™)serves the K-12 population in the state by not only provide online courses to middle school and high school students, but by providing career development products and services, including the mydreamexplorer® website and the MOIS CD. MVS is a division of Michigan Virtual University®, a private, not-for-profit Michigan corporation established in 1998 to deliver online education and training opportunities to the citizens of Michigan.

Out Of School Youth

Ottawa County youth residents who are no longer enrolled secondary school will receive services through the "Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Youth Program". This program emphasizes GED completion as well as immediate steps for employment readiness. Som of the services Michigan Works provides are:

  • Job leads
  • Job search skills
  • Resume writing
  • Exposure to the Michigan Talent Bank

Participants in the WIA Youth Program may be eligible for paid work experiences, on-the-job training or specified training to help meet career goals.