20th Circuit Court

Adult Drug Treatment Court

“Changing Behaviors, Changing Lives"

The mission of the 20th Circuit Court Drug Treatment Court is to eliminate the abuse of alcohol, other drugs and related criminal activity.
414 Washington Street, Suite 300
Grand Haven, MI  49417
Phone:  (616) 846-8352
FAX:  (616) 846-8179

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Adult Drug Treatment Court Judge


Judge Mark A. Feyen

Andrew Brown
Adult Drug Treatment
Court Coordinator
(616) 846-8352
    Rebecca Rowden
(616) 846-8356

About the 20th Judicial Circuit Court Adult Drug Treatment Court (ADTC)

Operating since 2005, the ADTC is funded through the Michigan State Court Administrative Office. The ADTC is able to accommodate 30 participants at any given time and takes a minimum of 16 months to complete.

Please contact the Adult Drug Treatment Court Coordinator if you would like to make a referral or need additional information.

ADTC Documents & Forms

For specific information about the ADTC, the following forms/documents are provided.

Referral Form
ADTC Program Brochure
ADTC Participant Handbook

ADTC Eligibility Criteria

A person referred to the ADTC must undergo a thorough legal and clinical screening process to be considered for admission into the ADTC.

The following criteria are used to determine eligibility:

Program Eligibility Requirements

  • Age 18 or older
  • Legal resident of the United States
  • Resident of Ottawa County of City of Holland
  • Charge originating in Ottawa County
  • No pending charges in another jurisdiction
  • Not on probation or parole in another jurisdiction
  • Cannot use marijuana for medicinal purposes or reside with someone who does

Legal Eligibility Requirements

  • No assaultive felony convictions
  • No criminal sexual conduct convictions
  • No more than 5 prior felony convictions of any kind
  • No more than 2 prior assaultive misdemeanor convictions
  • No more than 2 prior delivery of controlled substance convictions
  • No weapon used or possessed in the commission of the crime
  • Link between criminal offense and the use of drugs or alcohol

Clinical Eligibility Requirements

  • Qualify for substance abuse treatment at the level of Intensive Outpatient (IOP) or higher
  • Cannot take addictive pain medication(s)
  • Cannot take addictive mental health medications(s)
  • No severe mental health designation or significant cognitive impairment

Additional Resources

National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP)

Michigan Association of Drug Court Professionals (MADCP)

American University – Drug Court Clearinghouse


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