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Section 1090 Probation Court

Mental Health Treatment Court

Program Coordinator
Kelly Boeve
Phone: (616) 355 - 4351

Judge Brad Knoll

What is Section 1090 Probation Court?

  • A program for individuals with a serious mental illness or co-occurring disorder who have repeated law enforcement contacts due to their mental illness.
  • Assistance with mental health treatment attendance and medication compliance.
  • Assistance with maintaining a drug and alcohol free lifestyle.
  • Regular court appearance
  • Attendance at a mental health support group
  • An opportunity to make positive life style changes.

Who is eligible?

  • Defendant must be an Ottawa County resident or reside within the Court’s jurisdiction. Transfers are accepted from other counties as long as the defendant resides within Ottawa County.
  • The defendant must meet criteria for a serious mental illness, co-occurring (dually diagnosed mental illness and substance use) disorder and/or developmental disability.
  • The offense is related to the defendant’s mental illness.
  • While the defendant may have a substance abuse disorder, the mental illness must be the primary disorder.
  • The defendant may not have a history of violent offenses.
  • All defendants who request entrance into the Section 1090 Probation Court must enter a guilty plea.
  • Primary consideration will be given to defendants with a misdemeanor charge.
  • Defendants with felony charges will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Why participate in Section 1090 Probation Court?

  • Possible reduced jail or no jail.
  • Extended time to pay court fines
  • Treatment for your mental illness and if needed treatment for your substance use disorder.
  • Assistance with needs that your family may encounter.
  • Continuous support through group attendance, court appearances and probation reporting.
  • Assistance with medication stabilization and access to mental health treatment.

How to participate in Section 1090 Probation Court?

Contacting the program coordinator is the first step in accessing the Section 1090 Probation Court. Attorneys, or potential participants, must fill out an application screening form and submit it to the Section 1090 Program Coordinator for review. Each participant must be screened for clinical eligibility (mental illness) during a one on one session with the program coordinator. During the screening forms are completed which allows for the second step, screening for legal eligibility. Once a potential participant meets with the program coordinator and signs a release of information; the prosecutor is contacted by the coordinator to determine if the individual is legally eligible.

Clinical eligibility is determined by an individual meeting criteria for a Community Mental Health of Ottawa County eligible diagnosis, meaning the severity of the mental illness is significant enough to warrant CMH level services.

How will I be notified of acceptance or denial into the program?

The coordinator will contact the referring attorney and the Court with a denial or approval for participation. The Court will schedule a sentencing date on the next possible opening, which could be within a week.

Review Sessions

Participants are required to appear in court on a regular basis. The number of times depends on the phase the participant is in. Review sessions are held every other Wednesday at the Holland District Court from 3:00pm – 4:30pm.

Download Application

Email or Fax applications to:

Section 1090 Probation Court
Attn: Kelly Boeve
85 W. 8th St.
Holland, MI 49423

Fax: (616) 392-2330