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We advise you to speak with an attorney regarding legal issues. Visiting the Legal Self-Help Center (LSHC) is not a substitute for legal counsel. Please read carefully the information below so you understand that:

1. The LSHC is not representing you or acting as your attorney.
2. LSHC personnel will listen to a brief description of your matter.
3. LSHC personnel may inform you of legal options but will not offer you legal advice or recommend which option is best for you.
4. If you want legal advice, you must consult an attorney of your choosing.
5. In some cases, the only option LSHC personnel may suggest is that you hire an attorney or do research at a library.
6. There is no confidential relationship between you and the LSHC. Personnel may assist the other party in your dispute.
7. LSHC personnel may refer you to another organization or resource, but is not endorsing other organizations or resources.
8. LSHC personnel may assist you in locating forms. However, you are making the decision whether to use the forms and you are proceeding at your own risk.
9. You are responsible for completing the forms and making sure they are correct for your purposes.
10. The LSHC is not liable or responsible for any results which occur because of your use of these forms and center assistance.
11. The LSHC staff may not provide assistance to you on any issue on which you are actively represented by an attorney.
12. There are nominal fees for forms and copies.  Copies are $.25 per page and packets range in cost from $1.00-$20.00. 

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