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District Court

The 58th District Court handles a variety of cases, both criminal and non-criminal. Specific non-criminal matters include landlord/tenant issues, garnishments, and small claims court collections. The 58th District Court has three locations across Ottawa County, including offices in Grand Haven, Hudsonville, and Holland.


The District Court hears matters involving Landlord and tenants in which the landlord may want to evict the renting tenant for breach of the lease agreement, usually involving missing rent payments.

Small Claims

Small claims court is used to recoup funds under the amount of $5,000. Attorneys are not used in small claims matters. Many of the matters are mediated by a magistrate and settled before the parties meet with a judge. Money damages may be collected through garnishments of a parties income or wages.


Cases that fall above the limits of small claims but under the amount of $25,000 are heard in District Court as civil matters. If money damages are awarded, garnishment of a parties income or wages may be put into place to recoup the damages.


Grand Haven
414 Washington Avenue
Grand Haven, Michigan 49417
Phone: (616) 846-8280

85 West 8th Street
Holland, Michigan 49423
Phone: (616) 392-6991

3100 Port Sheldon Road
Hudsonville, Michigan 49426
Phone: (616) 662-3100

Available Forms

The Legal Self-Help Center offers these forms in relation to the District Court Office:

  • Affidavit and Claims-Small Claims
  • Landlord/Tenant Packet