Ottawa County Probate Court

Estate Proceedings

A major function of the court is the administration of deceased estates. It is the court's task to interpret wills in the event of uncertainty or conflict over the will's meaning. The court may also determine rights to an estate where the person has died "intestate" (without a will). This function of the court demonstrates one of the important purposes of courts in our society -- they make a formal record of the legal status of property.

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  • 12120 Fillmore Street
    West Olive, MI 49460
  • Phone: (616) 786-4110
    FAX: (616) 738-4624
  • Monday - Friday:
    8:00am - 5:00pm*
  • *Paperwork and filing fees will be accepted after 4:30pm M-F, but will not be officially "filed" or receipted until the following business day.

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