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Innovation & Technology


Ottawa County strives to acquire, build and maintain telecommunication facilities and services to provide efficient, effective and user-friendly voice, data and video communications to serve the County's employees and citizens.

Voice Communications

The County "telephone system" consists of PBX telephone equipment, Voicemail Systems, private optical fiber wide-area network and a variety of leased circuits and services. The County combines these resources to meet the goal of providing a system that provides efficient, effective and user friendly voice communications, both within the County's network and without to the County's citizens.

The County's seven main sites are:

  • County Building, Grand Haven, MI
  • Health Department (Clinic), Grand Haven, MI
  • Human Services (Mental Health), Grand Haven, MI
  • James St. Campus, Holland, MI
  • District Court-Holland, Holland, MI
  • Human Services-Hudsonville, Hudsonville, MI
  • Fillmore Complex, West Olive, MI

Internally, these sites are connected to each other by the County-owned private optical fiber network. This network allows each of the main sites to dial extensions in other buildings using 4-digit dialing as if they were in the same building. It also allows for least-cost routing of phone calls across County facilities. Externally, these sites are connected to the "outside world" by ISDN Prime circuits through SBC. The Primes were selected to reduce the cost of the trunks that would otherwise be required and the channels can function as either incoming or outgoing lines depending on the traffic load at the time.

Data Communications

Our wide area data network (WAN) is part of County-owned private optical fiber network and connects the County's seven main sites and Central Dispatch with gigabit ethernet.

Broadband Video

The County's Video Arraignment system is part of County-owned private optical fiber network. The system provides IP video and audio between Court and Correctional Facility locations.

This system was implemented to save the man hours, equipment and related operational costs that would otherwise have to be spent transporting inmates to and from Court appearances.

The following locations have access to broadband video arraignment:

  • Grand Haven County Building, Grand Haven, MI
  • Holland District Court, Holland, MI
  • Hudsonville District Court, Hudsonville, MI
  • Correctional Facility, West Olive, MI