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Community Mental Health


At Lakeshore Clubhouse we strive to bring awareness to mental illness and those struggling a disability. We know that for so long those who came before us had no voice. Now it is up to us to continue their work.

We strive to bring equal treatment, equal care, and equal opportunities to all of us. We know that this is not always an easy road. We need to speak up when we have been told to be quiet.  We need to stand strong when we have been told we are weak. We need to gain knowledge when we have been told we are unable. Each piece of Clubhouse and the recovery movement relies on breaking down stigma, voicing who we are, and showing the world we are going to be heard. 

Some of what the Clubhouse does to promote advocacy is contacting our representatives, attending our local recovery festival, and attending events like Walk a Mile in My Shoes. Walk a Mile in My Shoes - an annual mental health rally held at the capitol in Lansing, Michigan. We also have spoken at local schools sharing our recovery stories to give knowledge to the next generations coming forward. The Clubhouse program is designed to help members gain a voice. We know that personal advocacy is the first step in changing minds and changing the world. Each day is a new day and a new chance to show the world what we are capable of!