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Education at Clubhouse

“The Clubhouse assists members to reach their vocational and educational goals by helping them take advantage of adult education opportunities in the community. When the Clubhouse provides an in-house educational program, it significantly utilizes the teaching and tutoring skills of members.” Clubhouse Standard 25

At Lakeshore Clubhouse we help members:

  • Connect with resources for career testing.
  • Research academic programs at colleges in the community.
  • Help with FAFSA applications and school applications.
  • Find resources for completing a GED.
  • Research technical schools in our community.
  • We have located several free websites online for learning a variety of subjects. Some of these subjects include: computer programs, languages, math, science, etc…
  • Lakeshore Clubhouse has a computer program for teaching keyboarding skills called “Mavis Beacon”. Staff and members learn to improve their typing skills using this program.