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Community Mental Health

Clubhouse Employment

Lakeshore Clubhouse provides Transitional Employment, Supported Employment, and supports for Independent Employment. We are happy to provide these programs and supports for employment and have found them to be vital to the recovery of Clubhouse members.

Transitional Employment (TE)

TE is a Clubhouse employment program designed for members who want to start work or return to work. TE is specifically designed as a vocational rehabilitation program where a member can work in the community at a competitive wage.

TE jobs run from 6 to 9 months for each person and help an individual to learn or relearn skills for working in their community. The job rotates to another Clubhouse member when the 6 to 9 month time period is finished. The only requirement for the member to participate in TE is the expressed desire to work.

Renae is working on a supported
employment site.

Clubhouse Supported Employment

This is a permanent job for the Clubhouse member where Clubhouse staff can help members by providing a variety of services. Some of these services include: job coaching, problem solving, advocacy by working with and educating employers, accommodation, help with participating in the competitive job market, and job development.

Independent Employment

Jackie works on an
independent employment site.
Clubhouse provides supports for those who are independently employed. Those supports can include: rides to interviews, off-site problem solving, benefits information, resume writing, interview practice, application help, job searching and leads, and information about resources in the community.