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In Kitchen & Store Services, we prepare meals and various treats for store sales, practice skills useful in the food service business and many other tasks including:

  • Prepare, cook and serve a variety of meals.
  • Plan a monthly menu and develop a shopping list.
  • Serve meals to other members and clear tables.
  • Help with cleaning the kitchen by doing dishes, cleaning the counters and the stove.
  • Practice dining etiquette and setting a formal table.


The Lakeshore store provides our members an opportunity to learn how a simple store operates as well as providing refreshments and snacks to our members, staff and visitors.

  • Ring up daily sales and lunch order on the cash register.
  • Take inventory of store and restock shelves.
  • Utilize customer service skills.
  • Prepare and serve coffee to store customers.
  • Keep record of daily store sales on sales log.