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Community Mental Health


"It is essential the Clubhouses pay attention to the physical health of members and work to make the Clubhouse a healthy environment... but like everything else in the Clubhouse, wellness activities have to be integrated into the Clubhouse without interfering with the work ordered day and without interfering with collegial Clubhouse relationships."
~ From the ICCD Faculty Resource Manual

Wellness initiatives at Lakeshore Clubhouse include:

  • Creating partnerships with community wellness partners. We are partnered with Gazelle Sports of Holland and look forward to planning fitness events, health education at Clubhouse and wellness fundraisers in the coming year of 2014.
  • Offering opportunities at Clubhouse to improve fitness with walks at lunch time, a clubhouse bicycle loan system, exercise at the end of the work order day with Wii Fitness and other classes, tracking how we have reached our goals.
  • Offering opportunities for members to engage in the Better Together community health initiative.
  • Wellness minded menu planning and offering healthy snacks in our store including yogurt, hard boiled eggs, fruit and nuts.
  • Planting a Clubhouse vegetable garden and making trips to the farmers market.