Department of Public Health

Tuberculosis (TB) Control Program


The Ottawa County Department of Public Health Tuberculosis (TB) Control Program has the responsibility for preventing and controlling TB in the community by:

  • Identifying and treating people who have suspect/active TB and ensuring they complete appropriate therapy.
  • Identifying and screening contacts of people with TB to determine whether they have latent TB infection or active disease and providing appropriate treatment.
  • Screening high-risk populations to detect people with latent TB infection and providing appropriate treatment to prevent progression to disease.


  • Consultation for the TB control activities of local facilities and practitioners.
  • Medications provided at no cost to the client (we will collaborate with the client's medical insurance if applicable).
  • Public health nurse support for the completion of treatment by assessing client's needs and using incentives as appropriate. DOT (Directly Observed Therapy) will be used for suspect and active TB cases.
  • Maintenance of TB registry and reporting to the state of all active cases and contacts of active cases.

Latent TB Treatment is available at the Ottawa County Department of Public Health.

To refer a positive TB skin test or IGRA (TB blood test) to the OCDPH
, complete a TB Health History form and fax it along with a negative chest x-ray report to the Holland office (616) 393-5767. A TB nurse will follow up with the patient and will advise the referring physician of the outcome. TB program contact - Phone (616) 396-5266, Fax (616) 393-5767. Tuberculin Skin Test Interpretations