A fur trading post was established in 1810 at the mouth of Trader's Creek by Pierre Constant. He purchased furs which were delivered to the British Fur Company post at Mackinac Island. Later, with the fur trade waning following a fashion trend in Europe away from fur hats, the land was sold to speculators. Richard Roberts acquired a site about 1 mile to the west and established Charleston Landing in 1842. The Roberts log cabin became a popular "tavern" stop on the trip between Grand Haven and Grandville and was also known as the "Halfway House". Roberts eventually built a 28 room house and the area grew into a small settlement with a steam saw mill, carpenter's shop, spoke shop, blacksmith shop, store, and some houses. An ad for the steamer Olive Branch in 1855 lists Charleston as a stopping place between Grand Haven and Grand Rapids. Sources: Kit Lane, Donald W. Linebaugh, Dr. Carl Bajema and James Ponshair