People know a good spot when they see it. Before parks were formally developed on publicly owned land, the most alluring of these waterfront properties were privately owned "groves" where locals recreated by invitation only. As time passed, turf changed hands falling into the public domain, and select parcels were designated as parks, the turn-of-the-century private park concept was largely abandoned. Since 1995 (?) the Ottawa County Parks and Recreation Board has been acquiring land along the Grand River corridor for the development of a linear park, the Grand River Greenway. Though park officials did not know it at the time, numerous plots had actually been "parks" long before actually being purchased for that purpose. Connors Bayou was home to two such "Ghost Parks."

Connors Bayou is named for Jared Connors, who moved from Ionia to settle in Robinson Township in the late 1830s. In 1849 Connors sold 240 acres to William Ferry for purposes of logging the site. That property was eventually divided with riverfront parcels at the mouth of Connors Bayou going to the Matthew Krumpeck and A.H. Waldron families. Both clans hosted huge regional picnics on adjacent parklands respectively known as "Krumpeck's Grove/Park" and "Waldron's Place." The "biggest event in the rural community" was the annual North Robinson Farmer's Co-operative Association Picnic starting in 1917. Since its inception in the 1890s, the annual farmers' picnic had been held at Germania Park located on the Highbanks between Millhouse and Pottawattomie Bayous. Anti-German sentiment during World War I led to a virtual boycott of that Arbeiter owned site, despite the German organization's renaming their park "Victoria." The party upstream was attended by 100s coming by horseback, wagons and carriages, automobiles, the May Graham, and in private boats. Organizers promised picnic goers that River Road (Waverly, Mercury, Green, 128th, N. Cedar) was "one of the best in the county" and there were "splendid places for landing launches"….just as the master plan for Connors promises today)! Those attending could expect food, music, games, prizes, and political speeches. Not much has changed.