In 1876, the Ottawa Booming Company owned most of the river frontage in this area (187 acres of land total). The company was founded in 1865 for the purpose of sorting the thousands of logs being ‘floated' down the river from the field loggers as far east as Lowell, to saw mills in Grand Haven and Mill Point (Spring Lake). The logs were marked when forested with identifying ‘brands'. Without a company like the Booming Company to make sure they got to the right mill, thievery of logs was a problem (thieves could cut the ends off a log, and remark it).

In 1872, during the height of the local lumber industry, the company had built a boom (an enclosure on the river made of pilings) that was half the width of the river and stretched along the main channel from the mouth of Stearns Bayou (near current day 144th Ave) around Battle Point downstream approximately two and a half miles.

The log pilings that created the big boom were vertically driven into the river bottom and fastened together with chains and bolts. At the downstream end of the boom there were marshalling pens for final sorting, where the logs were corralled into rafts and then towed to the appropriate mill based on the lumber company markings on the log

The company went out of business in 1890 as the logging era came to a close.

Sources: Wallace K Ewing, David Siebold.