This was the site of Jac Jungle (1930 - 1951), the most popular dance hall in rural Ottawa County. Live music, a beautiful dance floor, floor shows, food and drinks - all were featured.

The name originated from the owners - initials for Julia and Al Cortis (the original owners); the second part because the original barn was in a wildly growing, unkept area referred to as the ‘jungle'. Dancing to live bands such as , home cooked chicken dinners (seating for up to 200); family reunions, banquets, picnics, and even baseball; all were popular on site.

Floor shows featured some local talent; but especially performers from other larger cities such as Detroit and Chicago, and performers Al Cortis secured using his time in vaudeville. A variety of shows were performed including singing, dancing, feats of strength, juggling, etc. It is believed that some big name entertainers performed at Jac Jungle including George Goebel and Kate Smith. In fact, Kate Smith lived in Robinson Township with a local family for extended periods of time.

Many local residents have stories of meetings and romances with roots in Jac Jungle.

The barn burned to the ground on July 21, 1951 and was never rebuilt.

Sources: Wallace K Ewing, Olive Wilhems Gleans, Ruth Bethke Horton