N 43° 02.402'
W 086° 05.378'

Approaching Connor Bayou County Park stay along the south bank of the river. There will be a log house visible from the river. An inlet just to the west of the house allows easy access to the park.

Connor Bayou is a 750 ft. long bayou which in times of high water connects to the Grand River. Its edges are filled with reed, canary and other native grasses. The marsh and flood plain forest provide a sanctuary for migrating birds as well as homes for wood ducks, great blue herons and several species of frogs.

Upland of the bayou, a canopy of black oak, red maple and sassafras shade the under story of flowering dogwood and witch-hazel. The forest floor, carpeted with native sedges and grasses, are scattered with flowering Indian pipe, wild sarsaparilla, and eastern figwort.

Diverse natural communities provide habitat for coyote, fox, possum, deer, raccoon and an occasional badger. Stumps of virgin white pine trees cut down in the mid 1800's are visible signs of the past logging era.