N 43° 02.506'
W 086° 04.664'

Crockery Creek Natural Area is located at the mouth of the creek on the north bank. Before reaching this point there is a long stretch of open fields and floodplains. This area is well known for Bald Eagle sightings.

The Crockery Creek offers another 2 miles worth of paddling along the Natural Area. There are a couple areas that are flat enough to get out and hike inland to the trails. About 2 miles of hiking trails meander along wooded ridges and wetlands as well as through floodplain forest and open hardwoods.

The existing farm house and barn are left from a Centennial Farm and provide a glimpse of a typical family farm yard of the past. In addition to the creek itself, natural features on the site include mature wooded ridges, floodplain forest, open hardwoods, wet meadows and buttonbush swamp.

This diversity of natural communities provides habitat for a wide variety of flora and fauna including bald eagles, sandhill cranes and red-headed woodpeckers. A small created wetland also provides a resting and feeding area for waterfowl. The Crockery Creek Natural Area also provides staging areas for many migratory birds. In addition to birds a variety of other animals including deer and river otters may also be seen.