N 43° 00.731'
W 085° 58.637'

Approaching this GPS point, paddle to the south side of the river and look north. You should be able to see the top of a silo and the top of a barn. These features are in Eastmanville Farm County Park.

This 229 acre property was acquired by Ottawa County in the early 1800s and established as a "poor farm" to provide housing and services for indigent residents. This operation, called Community Haven, survived until the late 1990s.

In April 2004, the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners approved the Community Haven property for public park development and use. Following public meetings with potential user groups, a master plan for Community Haven was developed and approved.

The plan has resulted in development of an equestrian and pedestrian trail system; a beautifully restored barn; and general recreational use including river access. The original poor farm cemetery has been extensively researched and is being restored by a local historical group - to be rededicated in July 2010. Plans also call for consideration and possible development of an educational farm at some point in the future.