N 42° 57.310'
W 085° 52.519'

Approaching this GPS point you should be able to see some small inlets and streams along the south bank of the river that are part of the Grand Valley Ravines.

The ravines are narrow canyon like formations that have been carved out by erosion caused by the streams.Throughout these ravines are 3 miles of hiking trails that wind through the eastern edge of Grand Valley State University's campus between the campus and the Grand River.

The trails offer a variety of views as you walk along the crest of the ravines or through the bottom of the ravines. The Ravines offer plenty of scenic beauty as well as the prospect of seeing wildlife and a variety of plant life. It is not uncommon to see deer, wild turkeys, and other wildlife as you hike through the ravines.

Some of the trails travel along the river offering views of the Grand River. The best way to access the trail system is to exit the river at the Grand Valley Crew dock and head south.