N 43° 04.626'
W 086° 13.399'

As you approach Harbor Island you will have just gone under the US 31 draw bridge and past the train swing bridge. Harbor Island is on the south side of the river.
This site is a one-hundred-forty-acre Island that lies between the north and south channels of the Grand River. An operational power plant sits at one end of the island, while a marina and restaurant are located at the other end.

The remainder of the island is open for wildlife viewing and other recreational uses. The island contains a linear park, including a paved hiking/biking trail that offers a good view of the river channel and the undeveloped dunes on the opposite shoreline. Little-used roads on the island provide good access for viewing opportunities along the river and the associated wetlands.

There are excellent opportunities to view many species of waterfowl, shorebirds, and wetland songbirds on and around the island's pond areas. Great blue herons are common all around the island. Great egrets, terns, and a variety of gulls may be seen during spring and fall migration. European widgeons and other unique species are not uncommon, but their appearance is unpredictable.

Sometimes large groups of great egrets and black-crowned night herons can be seen wading in the wetland areas adjacent to the river channels. Wildlife use of the island is determined by fluctuating water levels, which are directly influenced by Lake Michigan.