N 43° 04.036'
W 086° 11.093'

This GPS point is most easily reached by using the Lloyds Bayou access point and exiting Lloyds bayou under the bridge. It can also be reached from the river by paddling along the north side and looking for red and green stakes used for boat navigation to the bayou.

To reach this site you will paddle through a small channel that is surrounded by emergent wetlands. The channel will open up to a vast area covered by lilies and lotus blossoms.

Lotus blossoms are easily distinguished from water lilies because water lilies clearly lack the structure that goes on to form the distinctive circular seed pod of the lotus flower. The Lotus flower has been a divine symbol; especially in the Indian Hindu and Buddhist religions representing sexual purity and virtue.

In America the Lotus flower was used as a significant source of food for Native Americans, and thus was spread from the southern parts of the U.S northwards. The Lotus flower is not native to the Grand River and most Lotus blooms are from plants that were introduced for their beauty.