N 42° 57.214'
W 085° 52.496'

On the south side of the first small island you approach after leaving Grand River Park a noticeable feature is a collection of large tulip poplar trees.

Tulip Poplars are the tallest of the eastern hardwood species, growing over 150 feet, often with no limbs under 80-100 feet in height. Tulip poplar trees are known for their flowers - usually in June. These flowers yield large quantities of nectar attracting many birds such as hummingbirds, cardinals and finches, as well as other small wildlife.

This tree species is also a major honey plant in the eastern United States, with a dark reddish, fairly strong honey that is favorably regarded by bakers.

These are also magnificent trees to observe during the fall as they turn from green to a very bright shade of yellow. Another feature you will notice at this site is an historic bridge at the entrance to the Alderink Ravines.