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Official Park Rules | Official Open Space Land Rules


Bicycles are allowed on designated bike trails at Pigeon Creek Park, Riley Trails and Grand River Park. Bicycles are not allowed off trails or on trails when covered by snow. Bikes are also allowed on the Musketawa Trail. See the Bicycle The Lakeshore brochure.


Pigeon Creek Park, Eastmanville Farm and the Musketawa Trail are the only county parks that allows horses. Horses are allowed on designated trails at Pigeon Creek Park from March 1 through November 30, if weather and trail conditions permit. Because of cross country skiing, horses are not allowed at Pigeon Creek Park during the winter. For trail conditions at Pigeon Creek, call the county parks office.


Individual and family camping is not permitted in any Ottawa County Park. A year' round Group Camp Area at Pigeon Creek Park can be reserved in advance by groups from recognized organizations. Fees are on a per night basis.


Guidelines & Rules for Geocaching

Metal Detecting

The use of a metal detector is allowed ONLY on Lake Michigan beach areas at North Beach Park, the Rosy Mound Natural Area, Kirk Park, Tunnel Park and Historic Ottawa Beach Park (Park 12). Metal detecting is allowed at these parks only during regular park hours. Metal detecting is not allowed in any beach area that has established vegetation (only open beach areas near the shoreline). Any holes created during the act of metal detecting must be filled in. Special permission from parks staff must be obtained in advance for metal detecting in other park areas.

Other Park Rules & Regulations

  • There is no alcohol allowed in any Ottawa County Park, Open Space Lands or other park properties.
  • Motorized vehicles are not allowed in any Ottawa County Park , Open Space Lands or other park properties. (Snowmobiles are allowed on the Musketawa Trail when conditions are satisfactory).
  • Fires are permitted only in grills and designated fire pits. No beach fires.
  • There is no smoking allowed on any Ottawa County Parks beaches.