Ottawa County Facilities Manager Bill Morse retired at the end of June. Bill is a very humble and unassuming man and wouldn’t allow us to do much to recognize his 23 years of service. Under Bill County facilities were always spotlessly maintained to the point that I have never served anywhere where the condition of government facilities generated so many compliments.

Bill and I had a few extra conversations prior to his departure and I learned some interesting history about our County facilities. Twenty-three years ago Bill was coming fresh out of a 32 – year career in the private sector. Serving in the public sector was a new experience to Bill and as such he kept a few notes about important things to remember in public service and Bill said that he referred to the list frequently over the years. Bill pulled the worn list out of his wallet one day and shared it with me. As I read Bill’s list I realized how wise his thoughts were and are and thought that not only myself but all public employees could benefit from occasionally reflecting on Bill’s list, so here goes:

1) Treat all County employees and co-workers with the same respect regardless of their status or position.
2) Make all decisions with the best interest of the County at heart.
3) Remember you are accountable to a lot of people, fellow employees, supervisor, taxpayers
4) Be a good steward of county monies, get competitive prices. And make good financial decisions.
5) Nothing is Private all transactions are Public knowledge if they desire it.

Thanks to Bill for his excellent work and for the fine example that he set.

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  1. I have to agree. I’ve had first time visitors to Fillmore frequently comment that they would have thought the building was much newer than it is by its condition.

    Also to Bill’s (and his crew’s) credit was his service on the “front lines” of the many various building projects we’ve had over those 23 years. It is no small feat to hold contractors accountable for their accuaracy to plans and quality of their work on the large projects we’ve done. Thanks, Bill!

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