Board Appointments

Board Appointments

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Ottawa County Community Mental Health Board

The Ottawa County Community Mental Health (CMH) Board is a policy governance board responsible for establishing policies and providing strategic and visionary leadership to the organization. This board is required pursuant to Section 226 of the Mental Health Code. It is comprised of 12 members including County Commissioners, CMH consumers and family members, and members of the general public, all of which are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners. Members of this board serve 3-year terms and meet every 4th Monday of the month at 2:30 p.m. in Holland at 12265 James Street. ?Members must attend the monthly CMH Board of Directors meeting and may be required to attend ad-hoc meetings as needed. If you are interested in learning more about the CMH Board, please contact Lynne Doyle at, or 616-494-5421.


Gretchen Cosby, County Commissioner (BC)
Lucy Ebel, County Commissioner (BC)
Sylvia Rhodea, County Commissioner (BC)
Terry Goldberg, Family Member (BC) - 03/31/2024
Donna Jean Bunce, General Public (BC) - 03/31/2026
David R Parnin, General Public (BC) - 03/31/2025
Chris Kleinjans, General Public (BC) - 03/31/2025
Kyle J Parcher, General Public (BC) - 03/31/2026
Lavonne (Vonnie) Vanderzwaag , General Public (BC) - 03/31/2024
Jason Monroe, Primary Consumer (BC) - 03/31/2026
Steven Savage, Primary Consumer (BC) - 03/31/2024

For additional information about the Ottawa County Community Mental Health Board, please contact Lynne Doyle.