Board Appointments

Board Appointments

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Ottawa County Groundwater Board

The Board's function will be to make policy recommendations & develop regulatory standards for various groundwater initiatives within the scope of the County's current legislative authority. The Board will be administered & supported by the County's Department of Strategic Impact.


Megan Boos, Ag/Conservation Technical Assistance (BC)
John Truscott, At Large (BC)
Dave Kraker, At Large (BC)
Matthew R Fenske, County Commissioner (BC)
Gregory DeJong, County Commissioner (BC)
Travis Williams, Environmental/Conservation Education (BC)
Angela Brown, K-12 Administration (BC)
Dale Buist, Local Business/Agriculture (BC)
Adam Elenbaas, Local Unit of Government (BC)
Kevin Peters, Local Unit of Government (BC)
Dale Zahn, Real Estate/Development (BC)
Alan Steinman, Scientific Community (BC)
John Yellich, Scientific Community (BC)
Patrick Staskiewicz, Utilities/Engineering (BC)
Steve Hecksel, Well Drilling (BC)

For additional information about the Ottawa County Groundwater Board, please contact Paul Sachs.