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Diversity Forum

Ottawa County is enriched by building a diverse, inclusive and equitable community; a County where everyone belongs. The Diversity Forum promotes an inclusive culture and establishes a welcoming community for diverse populations.

Diversity Forum 2018 - Tools for Transforming Tomorrow

The 2018 Forum featured various leaders from several sectors, including: government, business, community and education. The Forum is an opportunity to hear diverse perspectives and enhance our ability to welcome, accept, affirm and respect others. Attendees were informed and inspired to build a society where all may participate, prosper and reach their greatest potential.

The 2018 Ottawa County Diversity Forum featured the following esteemed presenters:

  • Leslie Boker, Grand Rapids Pride Center
  • Abe Carillo, Herman Miller
  • Gregory Conyers, State Bar Association
  • Alfredo Hernandez, Michigan Department of Civil Rights
  • Sheriff Steve Kempker, Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office
  • Barbara Lee VanHorssen, Momentum Center
  • Stacey Trowbridge, Disability Network Lakeshore
  • Whitney White, Project Manager, Talent 2025
  • Rachel Cleveland, Project Manager, Talent 2025
  • Vanessa Greene, Director of the Center for Diversity & Inclusion at Hope College