Cultural Intelligence Trainings

A key aspect of the Cultural Intelligence initiative is a widespread training plan that is providing an 8-hour Cultural Intelligence (Racial Equity) training course for all Ottawa County employees.  This training course was developed to educate professionals on cultural and racial equity issues in order to provide a foundation of shared knowledge on which we can begin to promote racial equity within all areas of the county.  Developed in cooperation with Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance, the classes have been extremely well received by employees.  

Since the classes began, 18 sessions have been conducted, with approximately 503 employees attending those sessions. Classes will continue through 2015. 

Participant Quotes

"It is a big issue. Each day I have the opportunity to use what was learned to understand my world and treat others with respect."

“The facilitators made it easier to open up about experiences by sharing their own stories too.”

“I feel challenged to use my knowledge and experiences to help create change.”

“There was an atmosphere of openness and I felt people could speak their true feelings.”

 “I think it is very important for everyone in our organization to learn from others and this workshop.”

“This is so encouraging to me, knowing that the County is providing this resource.”

“Through awareness we can take responsibility.”

“I liked best the honesty that was shared by the presenters and those in the groups.”