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Community Action Agency Property ImprovementProperty Improvement Program

This program consists of a loan which is state-sponsored through Michigan State Housing Development Authority and is administered by a local bank. The loan is repaid monthly but at a reduced interest rate.

Property improvement can include but is not limited to: installing insulation, installing ramps, replacing heating system, roof replacement, and more.

CAA will provide a list of approved contractors as a convenience, but recipients are not required to use them. However all work must be done by a licensed contractor.


For the purposes of home improvement anyone is eligible as long as they meet the required annual income guidelines. Gross annual household income cannot exceed $60,500, or up to $105,700 in some cities within Ottawa County. Call CAA for more specific rules depending upon location. Interest rates of 4% - 8% are based upon gross income. See the chart.

How Do I Qualify?

You can qualify if you own or are buying a home, if you are a reasonable credit risk, can demonstrate ability to repay the loan and if the improvements to your home are permanent and will protect or improve livability or energy of the home or buildings.

Property Improvement Program - Income Guidelines
Up to $19,900 4%
$20,000 - $39,999 6%
$40,000 - $105,700 8% (6% in some cases)