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Circuit Court and Prosecuting Attorney

Circuit Court

The 20th Judicial Circuit Court Trial Division deals with four basic case types: appeals, civil cases, criminal cases, and personal protection. Most non-criminal matters handled by this court involve divorce proceedings.

The Circuit Court is responsible for all hearings relating to the divorce of married parties whether or not there are children involved. Beginning with the initial complaint for divorce, the Circuit Court handles the case with the assistance of other offices such as the Friend of the Court.

414 Washington Street, Room 300
Grand Haven, MI 49417
Phone: (616) 846-8320
FAX: (616) 846-8179

The Legal Self-Help Center offers these forms in relation to the 20th Judicial Circuit Court Office:

  • Request to Use Communications Equipment
  • Divorce with Children
  • Divorce without Children
  • Emancipation Packet
  • Fax File Cover Sheet
  • Generic Notice of Hearing Form
  • Objection to Referee Order
  • Pro Per
  • Name Change (Adult)
  • Name Change (Minor)
  • Adoption Packet

Prosecuting Attorney

The Prosecuting Attorney’s office is involved in both criminal and non-criminal matters.

Most non-criminal matters include the establishment of paternity in cases that the father of the child is not known at the time of the child’s birth, or in which the father is contesting the establishment of his paternity. If you have a child support case, the paternity arraignment and initial court order that reflects custody, support, and parenting time will be established in hearings set by this office.

414 Washington Avenue, Room 208
Grand Haven, MI 49417
Phone: (616) 846-8215
Fax: (616) 846-8178

The Legal Self-Help Center offers these forms in relation to the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office:

  • Objection to the Prosecutor's Order