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Ottawa County Legal Self-Help Center

Probate Court

The Ottawa County Probate Court is responsible for matters involving four main types of cases (there are also several other services/matters provided): guardianships, conservatorships, estate proceedings and mental health proceedings.


Guardianship can be established by the Court for minors, incapacitated individuals and developmentally disabled individuals (in the matter of a developmentally disabled individual a guardian can be appointed for either the person, estate or both, if appointed guardian of the estate they also have authority over financial matters).

A Guardian is appointed in order to make or assist in making legal decisions and also decisions relating to health and placement. A guardian is only appointed after a Court hearing in front of a Judge to determine if a guardian is necessary.


A conservatorship can be established for minors or incapacitated individual. A conservator is appointed in order to safeguard the finances of an individual who is otherwise vulnerable and lacks the capacity to make appropriate decisions regarding their funds. As with the guardianship a conservator is only appointed after a Court hearing with the Judge to determine if a conservator is necessary.

Estate Proceedings

The Probate Court is responsible for matters of deceased estates, trusts and orders for assignment of property. Estate proceedings can be cumbersome and in cases in which a Will or an appointment of a Personal Representative is contested seeking legal advice from an attorney is recommended.

Mental Health Proceedings

The Probate court is responsible for mental health proceedings under the Michigan Mental Health Code. If a person is displaying possibly harmful behaviors towards themselves or others it may be possible to have the person transported by the Sheriff to a hospital for an evaluation but only after certain criteria is met, contact the Probate Court at 616-786-4110 for further information, forms are available at the LSHC.

12120 Fillmore Street
West Olive, MI 49460
Phone: 616-786-4110
Fax: 616-738-4624

Available Forms

For further information regarding any of the above cases you can obtain a packet of forms with instructions from the LSHC office for a nominal fee.

  • Conservator of a Minor
  • Conservator of an Adult
  • Delayed Registration of Foreign Birth
  • Guardianship of a Minor
  • Guardianship of a Developmentally Disabled Adult
  • Guardianship of Incapacitated Individual
  • Limited Guardianship of a Minor
  • Petition and Order for Assignment
  • Petition for Hospitalization
  • Supervised Probate Packet
  • Unsupervised Probate Packet-Formal
  • Unsupervised Probate Packet- Informal