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Small Claims

This site contains links to forms for small claims cases. You must talk with an attorney if you need advice about what is best for your situation or case. Additional forms may be found at

When to Use

  • Someone owes you money or has caused damage to your property or possessions; and
  • The maximum amount of your claim is $6,000.

Required Forms

  • DC 84 – Affidavit and Claim, Small Claims
  • DC 85 – Judgment/Dismissal, Small Claims
  • DC 86 – Demand and Order for Removal, Small Claims

Where to File

You must look at the defendant’s zip code to determine where to file unless the small claims action arises out of a landlord/tenant case already being handled by the 58th district court. If there is already a landlord tenant case, the small claims action must be filed in the same location.

Holland 49422 49423 49424 49460 49464
Hudsonville 49401 49403 49426 49427 49428 49435 49544
Grand Haven 49404 49409 49417 49456 49448

Filing Fees

Up to $600 $30
$601 - $1750 $50
$1751 - $6000 $70

Additional Information