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What is Gateways for Growth?

Ottawa County Gateways for Growth (G4G) is an initiative designed to enhance economic, civic, and social inclusion at the local level. Ottawa County G4G aims to help all residents, businesses, organizations and local governments in the region navigate the inevitable challenges and opportunities that arise with changing demographics. By coordinating efforts to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities, the impact of our work will result in a stronger, more inclusive Ottawa County

In November of 2020, Ottawa County and 18 others, joined a network of 71 localities deploying economic research and multi-sector welcoming plans to forward inclusion and economic opportunity for all by receiving the Gateways for Growth Research Award. The G4G Research award is a competitive opportunity for localities to receive research support and technical assistance from New American Economy and Welcoming America to improve immigrant inclusion in their communities. As the country looks to rebuild and set a more inclusive path forward nationally, Ottawa County, as part of the G4G 2020 cohort, will lay the groundwork and build the infrastructure for immigrant inclusion in the area.

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Did You Know?


There are more than 15,000 immigrants in Ottawa County


Immigrants have $335 million in spending power


Immigrants in Ottawa County pay $111.6 million in taxes each year


There are 8,020 eligible Immigrant Voters in Ottawa County

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