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Geospatial Insights & Solutions (GIS)

About Us

Why have a GIS?

A Geographic Information System (GIS) bridges the gap between spatial data and tabular information (database). GIS allows a user to more clearly visualize patterns, correlations, and trends. GIS allows for various spatial analysis that is unheard of in tabular analysis. GIS also assists users in decision making and gives aid in the assessment of real-world problems. GIS is the wave of the future and many industries in the public and private sectors are utilizing this technology and incorporating it in their day to day operations. For more information on GIS visit

The process of map generation has been simplified by GIS because of faster data access and user friendly cartographic tools. Aside from map generation, GIS is well known for its ability to present data in a useful manner that allows for spatial analysis. GIS spatial analysis ranges from determining the best location of a new business to a more complex analysis such as determining hydrology flow by using 3D modeling.

What is Interactive Mapping?

The interactive mapping page is located here provides an opportunity for the public to view areas of interest in Ottawa County. The public can view aerial images with parcel boundaries. The public can query any property either by address or by parcel number. There are several other pages that are continually being updated including:

There are limitations to the "free internet mapping" but if businesses and individuals need more information regarding a particular property, GIS offers ftp downloading services.

Who uses our GIS?

Our list of users include the following:

  • Real Estate and Title Companies
  • Engineers and Architects
  • Various Ottawa County Departments (Sheriff's Office, Planning and Grants, Central Dispatch, etc.)
  • Local Units (townships and cities)
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • General Public (personal mapping needs)