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Innovation & Technology

Department Organization

The Innovation and Technology (IT) Department provides the internal services needed to plan, implement and maintain County Technology to support organizational goals.  The IT Director is assisted in accomplishing this mission by his administrative and leadership team. The Department is organized into two main functional groups: Applied Technology and Technology and Infrastructure. A Project Management Coordinator works with the Director and the managers of the two functional groups to develop and optimize department processes. The IT Secretary assists with the numerous administrative details needed to support the department, its teams and other departments.

Applied Technology

The Applied Technology team maintains existing applications and develops new applications. This group also performs project/life-cycle management for software and systems. Within the Applied team, Business Analysts identify needs, develop alternatives and create solutions to problems through knowledge of departmental functions, processes and capabilities.  Application Specialists use their knowledge of existing systems and software tools to develop solutions.  Business Analysts and Application Specialists work together to enhance the capabilities of County Departments to provide services to the public.   

Geospatial Insights & Solutions

The Geospatial Insights & Solutions (GIS) team is a component of the Applied Technology Team.  The GIS team provides access to information using the latest in mapping information technology by using the graphical representation of information to improve the delivery and quality of government services. The advances in technology and the requirements of a more informed citizenry have increased the need for development of an enhanced access / informational delivery system. Our goal is to enable county-wide accessibility to GIS technology, data and procedures to support the County Departmental business functions. In addition, GIS educates County Departments, external agencies and Local Units of Government on how to use GIS as a tool that can increase efficiency and thereby enhance service to the public and economic advantage to the County as a whole. The role of GIS is unique in providing a specific function not only to County Departments, but to customers outside of the County organization.

Technology & Infrastructure

The Technology & Infrastructure team provides operational support for Hardware from mobile devices to servers, storage, and Voice and Data Networks. They assist customers with the daily use of computer and related systems, to include phone and audiovisual systems.  They address a wide range of issues on a daily basis.  The team consists of Telecommunications and Network Administrators, Service Desk Technicians and PC Technicians.  The primary purpose of the IT User Services team is to ensure that County employees have dependable equipment, responsive support and the knowledge to use the technology available.