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Ottawa County Bond Rating (Moody's)

Bond Rating

Ottawa County Source: Ottawa County Fiscal Services Department

Interpreting Moody's Credit Rating Options

Aaa - Minimal credit risk, highest quality rating
Aa - Very low credit risk, high quality rating
A - Low credit risk, high quality rating
Baa - Moderate credit risk, may possess speculative characteristics
Ba - Substantial credit risk, speculative elements
Caa - Very high credit risk, poor standing
C - Little prospect for recovery of principal or interest, typically in default

Explanation of the Indicator

Ottawa County's bond rating is a measure of its financial reputation. A good bond rating enables a county to borrow money for construction projects and other needs at the most competitive rates available, thereby saving taxpayer dollars through lower interest payments. Ottawa County received Moody's highest bond rating in 2010.


In some cases, County-level data are not available from the same data source used by the State. In other cases, County-level data are not available for the same time frame used by the State. In these instances, data sources and time frames were selected that most closely match those of the State. Due to this difference, it must be noted that comparisons may not be completely equivalent in all cases. Michigan's data source is Michigan's Department of Treasury. Ottawa County’s data source is the Ottawa County Fiscal Services Department. When this page was last updated in August 2018, 2017 data was the most recent data available from these sources.
Bond Rating
Rate is maintained
Debt Burden
Rate is decreasing
Operating Cost
Rate is increasing
Access to Government
Rate is increasing